DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Bead Cross

bead crossThanks to Sharon for sharing this idea with us!

I have been doing crafts with my grandchildren for years and I have a Easter craft that the kids love to do.  We use pipe cleaners and make a cross with red and white beads.

We use any type of bead that fits on a pipe cleaner. Some are glass like and others pearl like. With the cross we usually do 10-12 beads down and then we do 8 or 10 across. We use what we call a stopper bead on the ends which is small and stops the bigger beads from coming off. These stoppers are counted in the length and width. One needs to have an even number so that the break in the horizontal beads will be even. We count down three beads and then we wrap the horizontal pipe cleaner round the vertical one. We cut the pipe cleaner to 4 For vertical and 3 For horizontal.

We usually make smaller crosses because the large ones seem to get out of shape faster.

The white stands for the purity of Jesus and the red for His blood that He shed for us.  They are a nice project for even young kids to do. They make a bunch of them and give them to members of the church. We have even made some and sent them to the troops in Iraq. That really makes the kids happy.