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African Sand Paper Art:  Cave Drawings ("Petroglyphs")

petroglyph craftThis is a very simple, but very effective way to make a drawing that looks like it came right off an African cave wall.

african artI originally made this craft (the one in the photo) for Egypt (thus the pyramids).  Use images of lions, giraffes, rhinos and hunters with spears to give the craft an African theme.

We're not trying to replicate the art exactly, so after studying some African animals and explaining that cave drawings depicted the artists' lives just let the kids get creative.



Here's images of real cave drawings (petroglyph)


Here are some more ideas for what types of petroglyphs the kids might draw:

Rhino:  rhino rock wall craft              Elephant:     elephant rock wall art

Lion:  african rock art              Giraffe:  african rock art



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