Australian Sand Paper Art:
cave drawingsCave Drawings ("Petroglyphs")

This is a very simple, but very effective way to make a drawing that looks like it came right off an Australian cave wall.

I originally made this craft (the one in the photo) for Egypt (thus the pyramids).  Use images of kangaroos, stick figures and boomerangs for an Australian version.

The Stone Age ancestors of the Australian Aborigines were some of the very first artists in the world.  They painted on their cave walls 40,000 years ago!

cave drawing artWe're not trying to replicate the art exactly, so after studying some Australian animals and explaining that cave drawings depicted the Aborigines' lives just let the kids get creative.  Here's what Tasha (my 7 yr old) thought would be a good set of images:



cave drawingHere's an image of a real cave drawing (petroglyph)