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Russia Crafts and Activities for Kids

Children can learn a bit about the country of Russia with our crafts and coloring pages, puzzles and worksheets.

russia coloring page

Russia Coloring Pages

famous art work - Russian artists

Russian Art Projects for Kids
Famous Art Work by Russian Artists

Matryoshka Dolls

Russian Crafts for Kids
Matryoshka Paper Craft

Mushroom Paper Craft

Russian Crafts for Kids
Mushroom Paper Craft

Mushroom hunting is a very popular pass time in Russia.  After a bit of rain in autumn, the whole family will venture out into the woods and collect mushrooms together (parents often pin bells to young children so they don't get lost while the family is out collecting).  Mushroom hunting should only be done if you're with someone experienced as many types of mushrooms are poisonous!  Also available: mushroom coloring pages.

olympic rings craft

Russian Crafts for Kids
2014 Winter Olympics

Animals in Russia:
Shape Practice Bear Craft


moose paper craft

Moose Paper Craft


Moose Toilet Paper Roll Craft

polar bears

Polar Bears



Wolf puppet

Wolf Crafts for Kids

Other Crafts for Russia:

Medieval Section

sports buddy

Sports Buddies:  Billy Basketball Paper Craft

preschoolers and up

sports buddy

Sports Buddies:  Howie Hockey Paper Craft

preschoolers and up

football craft

Sports Buddies:  Sammy Soccer Paper Craft

Known as "Football" in Russia and most other countries in the world.

preschoolers and up