DLTK's British Columbia Road Trip
Day 11:  Nelson to Invermere

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Photo by Leanne Guenther

We got up this morning, ate a little breakfast and packed up our campsite.

Hopping in the van we continued our drive through the Kootenay's.  By mid day we had reached Cranbrook and stopped for a while at their local wildlife refuge.  We saw turtles sunning themselves on logs in the big pond surrounding the interpretive centre.  We took a long walk on their boardwalks reading signs and shooting (with a camera) all kinds of neat birds.

The day continued with the drive through the Columbia Valley to Invermere.  The destination was the Panarama Resort.  We made it to Invermere in the late afternoon and then drove another 20 minutes down a narrow winding (scary!) road into the Panarama Resort.  We checked into the hotel and headed straight for the hot springs pool.  It was great and Kaitlyn enjoyed the warm water so much that she actually taught herself to swim!  We were so proud.  Tasha spent time in the hot springs and a little time on the water slide but that did not last long since the water slide emptied into the cold pool.  The cold pool seemed so much colder after spending time in the hot springs pool.

We were all really hungry after our afternoon swim so off we went to the hotel restaurant.  Tasha was so hungy that she wanted to order a New York steak.  Mommy and daddy agreed and much to our surprise she managed to eat most of it.

We settled into our hotel room for the night and enjoyed our fireplace for a while.  Then it was off to bed.

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