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D, L, T & K Build a Bunk Bed!
Part 3

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How to Build a Bunk Bed (with children)

Note:  Tasha is Age 7 and Kaitlyn is Age 3

Step 1:  Go to Grandpa's house and borrow loads of tools -- one needs more than a hammer and a screwdriver to build a bunk bed.

Step 2:  Add loads of tools to daddy's birthday wish list -- this was an unexpected by-product of building the bunk bed *grin*.

Step 3:  Go to the FamilyFun magazine website and look for links to a printable version of the material list and directions for building the loft bed.  (There is also a link to an Adobe Reader version of the instructions near the bottom of the article.)   They did a great job on the directions, so I'm not going to regurgitate them all here.  I will let you know when we changed things a bit to make it a bunk bed instead of a loft bed, though.

We went to the lumber store three times.  I highly recommend you do this if transporting the wood yourself, for a few reasons:

We also skipped a number of things:

bunk bed


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