DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Bugs and Insects

Ant Egg Carton Craft

Ant Egg Carton Craft

Age 2+

buzzing bugs paper craft

Buzzing Bugs Paper Plate Craft

Age 3+

a variety of flying insects to choose from

insect sticker background

Insect Sticker Backgrounds

Age 2+

thumbprint bugs

Love Bug Thumbprint Craft

Any Age

heart snail

Heart Snail Paper Craft

Age 2+

cross stitch pattern

Worm Cross Stitch Pattern

Age 10+

Bookworm craft

Worm Paper Craft

Age 4+ (when they begin reading)

bug craft

Y2K Bug Toilet Paper Roll Craft
(you could call it something different)

Age 3+

Insect Games and Puzzles
insect jigsaw puzzles

Insect Activities for Kids
On-Line Jigsaw Puzzles

Undirected Craft time - make an insect:

bug craftI provided Kaitlyn (age 6 at the time) with a range of random materials:

and let her design her own 'bug'.  This little guy is what she came up with (having the fun foam leaf as the base made it easier to assemble as she could glue all the pieces to that).

The egg carton cup is actually colored with marker, not painted.

Sometimes, it's fun to give a more 'artistic' craft time that allows them to design their own project instead of providing a directed craft.