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Memorial Day Ideas

Memorial Day was originally known as "Decoration Day".  It is celebrated the last Monday of May.  The holiday commemorates American men and women who have died in military service.

Crafts for Memorial Day:
memorial day craft

3D Star Paper Craft

Age 3+

memorial day craft

American Angel Paper Craft

Age 2+

memorial day craft 

American Construction Paper Wreath

Age 4+

American flags 

American Flags

Make your own flags with a pencil and printable templates.

memorial day craft

American Handprint Wreath

Age 2+

memorial day craft

American Patriotic Wreath

Age 4+

USA Paper Plate Wreath

American Paper Plate Wreath

Age 3+

american flag craft

Safety Pin and Seed Bead American Flag

Age 7+

Scissor Skills Project

Scissor Skills Project

Age 2+

craft ideas

Stained Glass Craft

Age 3+

star craft

Star Shape - Fold and Cut Craft

Age 6+

Learn about Betsy Ross, George Washington and the 5 point star!

vase craft

Tissue Flower and Vase

Age 6+

sailor craft

Veteran Sailor Paper Craft

Age 2+

soldier craft

Veteran Soldier Paper Craft

Age 2+

Memorial Day Games:
Memorial Day jigsaw puzzle  Memorial Day On-Line Jigsaw Puzzles

Memorial Day Poems:

Poem:  Decoration Day

Memorial Day Vocabulary Worksheets:
sentence sequencing cards 

Memorial Day Vocabulary Worksheets
Sentence Sequencing Cards

memorial day learn to print coloring pages

Memorial Day Vocabulary Worksheets
Tracer Pages - Learn to Print

Your choice of standard block and pre-cursive fonts.

Memorial Day word lists

Memorial Day Vocabulary Worksheets
Vocabulary Word Lists

word search

Memorial Day Vocabulary Puzzles
Word Searches

Memorial Day vocabulary words

Memorial Day word wall words

Memorial Day Vocabulary Puzzles
Word Wall Words


Other Useful Sections:

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Fourth of July and USA Patriotic Activities

These projects may be a bit too "fun" for an occasion like memorial day, but there might be a few things you'll like if you didn't bump into anything in this Memorial Day section.

veteran's day activities

Fan Art
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Jigsaw Puzzles


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