DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Photos of Our Fish Birthday Cake

  • Back two round cakes.

two round cakes 

  • Trim the bulging top off the cakes.
cake top trim

  • arrange tail template on one of the cakes and cut out.

template tail

  • arrange mouth template on the other cake and cut out.
mouth template 

  • arrange top fin template on the remains of the cake you cut the tail from and cut out.
top fin template

  • arrange the bottom fin template on the remains of that (the top fin) and cut out
bottom fin

  • Arrange all the pieces in a fish shape.
arrange pieces

  • Do a quick crumb coat with plain icing.
crumb coat

  • Ice your cake.  You can do it all one color or get more fancy (I used a separate color for the tail and fins).
  • I used a small glass to hold the circle of white icing where the eyeball would be...  You can also cut a marshmallow and lay that on top for the eye.
ice the cake

  • And you're done!
fish birthday cake