DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Tin Can and Jar Crafts

angel messages in a jar

Angel Messages in a Jar

Kindergarten and grade school

American Coffee Can Drum

Coffee Can Drum:
    [Canada Day]
     [Fourth of July]

Coffee Can Froggy Bank

Coffee Can Froggy Bank

American Coffee Can Hat

Coffee Can Hat Coin Bank:
    [Canada Day]
    [Fourth of July]

Lamb Coffee Can Craft

Coffee Can Lamb Craft

Coffee Can Leprechaun Hat

Coffee Can Piggy Bank

Coffee Can Piggy Bank

Coffee Can Pilgrim Hat

Coffee Can Pumpkin

Coffee Can Bunny

Coffee Can Rabbit Craft

angel coin bank

Coin or Pencil Holder Angel

Age 3+  easy version

Age 6+ paper machier version

Frankenstein Outdoor Decoration

giraffe pencil holder

Giraffe Pencil Holder

Age 5+ paper machier version

Ghost Outdoor Decoration

Pumpkin Outdoor Decoration

coffee can snowman

Snowman coffee can craft

tissue flower vase

Tissue Flower and Vase

You can do this in different colours for any theme.

Container Tortoise

Tortoise Craft

(large one made with a yogurt cup, small ones with egg carton cups...  The same idea can be used with containers of all sizes)

preschoolers and up

angel vase

Vase Angel

Elementary school and up