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Australia Day and General Australia Crafts

Australians have a national holiday called Australia Day every January 26th to remember their origins and celebrate their achievements.   Click here to learn more about the origins of Australia Day.

Australian flag

Australian Flag

Facts about the Australian Flag

Australian National Anthem

Australian National Anthem

Lyrics and tune to the national anthem

jigsaw puzzles 

Australia On-Line Jigsaw Puzzles

Australia Recipes

Australia Recipes

Neat Facts:

When kids in Australia look forward to the "Great Australia Day Barbie" they're not talking about Mattel's 11 1/2 inch plastic blonde *grin*.  In Australia, a "barbie" is a barbeque.  My 6 year old was so disappointed ;>)


Australia Crafts
Australia crafts 

All About Australia Paper Quilt Craft

Grade school and up

Australia animals crafts

Australian Animal Crafts

australia friends craft

Australian Friends Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

preschool and kindergarten

australia craft

Australian Medal

preschoolers and up

Australian friends craft

Australian Team Colours Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

preschool and kindergarten

Australia crafts

Australian Wreath

preschool and kindergarten

Australia crafts

Cave Drawings - Handprints

Australia crafts

Cave Drawings - Sand Paper Art

Kindergarten and grade school

didgeridoo craft


preschool and kindergarten

Australia crafts

Rainbow Eucalyptus Pencil Holder

Elementary school and up

Australia Printables:
Australia coloring page

Australia Coloring Pages

Australia coloring page

Australia Itsy Bitsy Book

Australia worksheets

Australia's States Worksheets

Australian tracer pages Australia Tracer Pages

Australia worksheets

Australia Worksheets:


Word Mining:  (version 1)  (version 2)

Word Search

Australia art projects

Dot Art

Kindergarten and grade school

koala coloring page

Kk is for Koala and Kk is for Kangaroo coloring pages

or check out "The Wiggles" Coloring Pages (an Australian kids tv show)

Other Australia Links:


The Wiggles are a Sydney-based children's entertaining group.  They're television program has recently begun showing in the United States.

Neat Facts:

Australia is known as the "Land Down Under" because it is south of the equator.  It is also the only continent that is also a country!

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