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DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Fish Crafts and Activities for Kids


Coloring Pages - Fish

Fish Crafts for Kids:
CD Rom Fish craft

Fish CD Rom Craft

Age 2+

coffee filter fish

Fish Coffee Filter Craft

Age 2+

fish cross stitch

Fish Cross Stitch Pattern

Age 10+

fish heart paper craft

Fish Heart Paper Craft

Age 2+

fish heart paper craft

Fish Kissing Heart Paper Craft

Age 2+

fish name tags

Fish Crafts for Kids
Fish Name Tags

Fish craft

Fish Paper Craft
rainbow fish

Age 2+

fish paper plate craft

Fish Paper Plate Craft

Age 2+

Shape Practice - Fish Craft

Fish Shapes Paper Craft

Age 2+

ocean scene

Fish Crafts for Kids
Ocean Scene Shapes Matching

Age 3+

puffer fish craft

Puffer or Porcupine Fish Paper Plate Craft

Age 3+

salty the fish craft

Salty the Fish Craft

Age 4+

Fish Games and Puzzles:
fish jigsaw puzzles

Fish Games and Puzzles for Kids
Fish On-Line Jigsaw Puzzle

gone fishing game

Fish Games and Puzzles for Kids
Gone Fishing Game

Age 2+

Fish Poems and Songs:

African Folktale:  Marie and the Orange Fish

Poem:  Calico Pie

Poem:  In the Water-World

Poem:  The Musical Carp

Poem:  There was an Old Man of Marseilles

Song:  I'm a Little Fish

Fish Recipes:
fish cake Fish Birthday Cake

shark coloring pages

Shark Facts, Photos and Activities

Age 6+

Bingo Dauber Art

Shark Bingo Dauber Art

Age 2+

The Smiling Shark

Shark Poetry:
Five LittleFishies

The Smiling Shark

shark worksheets

Shark Worksheets:

Anagram / Word Scramble
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Word Mine
Word Search


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