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Islamic/Muslim Ideas

3D Ramadan Paper Craft

origami star

Age 7+

geometric art

Age 3+

muslim mobile

AAge 3+

stars craft

Age 2+

jigsaw puzzles 

phases of the moon craft

Eid Card

Thanks to the viewer who contributed this craft idea!

Islamic folktale 

an Islamic folktale

Note from a viewer (Tanya):  I am a Muslim who is homeschooling a 6 year old and a 4 year old.  When I went to look for winter bulletin board ideas, I ran across the "multicultural" one.  Islamic art, while great for a math lesson, really doesn't fill the bill for Ramadan.  Really, Ramadan is so much more!  You could put a crescent there--which has much more significance to Muslims during Ramadan than Islamic art  (It is the sighting of the crescent that actually signals the beginning and end of Ramadan).  You could also color the background green, which is said to be the prophet's favorite color.  Also, Muslims in Egypt like to celebrate Ramadan by creating beautiful Fanoos (which are lanterns).  Even the significance of no food or water from sunup to sunset would be better than Islamic Art.  

There is also a few facts that I would like to share with you about Ramadan.

So you see, there is more to Ramadan and Eid than Islamic art.  Thanks for listening.


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