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athena greek mythology craft
Athena Toilet Paper Roll Craft

contributed by Leanne Guenther

This is a cute and simple color, cut and paste craft that uses a toilet paper roll as a base to give it a three dimensional effect.

In Greek mythology, Athena was the daughter of Zeus (born from his forehead fully grown, complete with spear and armor).  Athena was the Greek goddess of craft, wisdom and the disciplined side of war.  Her animal symbol was an owl.

Athena was a central character in many of the most commonly known Greek myths.  She turned Medusa into a gorgon with hair of snakes for bragging her beauty was greater than Athena's and then she aided Perseus in beheading Medusa.  She turned Arachne into the first spider for bragging her weaving was better than Athena's.  She aided Oddyseus during his journey home from Troy.  And she instructed Heracles (Hercules) in how to remove the skin from the Nemean Lion (the first of twelve tasks he had to perform as penance).

Basically, Athena helped heroes out and didn't like it when people bragged.

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