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Greek Myths:
Explore the Zodiac with Greek Mythology

Explore the Zodiac Through Greek Mythology

Arachne the Weaver

The Story of Arachne the Weaver

The Story of Icarus

The Story of Icarus

[Listen to this story]   [Print this story]

The story of Medusa and Athena

The Story of Medusa and Athena

[Listen to this story]   [Print this story]

The Story of Persephone

The story of Prometheus

The Story of Prometheus' Fire

Theseus and the Minotaur

Theseus and the Minotaur

Greek Mythology and History Crafts for Kids:
athena craft

Athena Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Greek goddess of wisdom and war -- important character in many widely known Greek myths.

cyclops craft

Cyclops Toilet Paper Roll Craft

a group of huge one-eyed giants - most famous for their role in Homer's "The Odyssey"

dragon crafts 


These mythical creatures can be found in fairy tales and folklore all over the world, including Greek mythology.

straw flute craft

Flute Craft (Pan Flute)

harpy craft

Harpy Toilet Paper Roll Craft

winged death spirits who stole food from Phineas the prophet

Icarus craft

Icarus Toilet Paper Roll Craft

flew too close to the sun and melted his wings

Olympic Paper Plate Wreath 

Laurel or Olive Wreath

Olympic wreath craft 

Laurel or Olive Wreath (crown)

medusa craft

Medusa Toilet Paper Roll Craft

snake haired gorgon who turned people to stone

King Minos Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Minos Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Minos was the king of Crete who imprisoned the minotaur in a labyrinth and who imprisoned Icarus and Daedalus high over the sea.

Minotaur toilet Paper Roll Craft

Minotaur Toilet Paper Roll Craft

half-man and half-bull monster imprisoned in a labyrinth in Crete

perseus craft

Perseus Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Greek hero who beheaded Medusa

phoenix craft

Phoenix Crafts

firey bird that is reborn from ashes every 500 years

greek pottery paper plate craft

Pottery Paper Plate Craft

spider crafts

Spider Crafts

Arachne, the weaver, was turned into a spider by Athena

trojan horse paper craft

Trojan Horse Paper Craft

wooden horse used by the Greeks to sneak into Troy

Zeus Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Zeus Toilet Paper Roll Craft

In greek mythology Zeus ruled the Olympians on Mt.  Olympus.

football craft

Franky Football Paper Craft

preschoolers and up

Football (known as soccer in North America) is Greece's most popular sport.

dove crafts

Olympics:  Dove Crafts and Coloring

before the Olympic games open there is always a big ceremony which includes the release of white doves

olympic torch craft 

Olympic Torch Scissor Skills Craft

preschoolers and up

torch.wmf (7158 bytes)

Olympic Torch Crafts

preschool and kindergarten

Animals of Greece:
Octopus Toilet Paper Roll Craf

Ocean Animals

Greece is a coastal country -- surrounded by the Mediterranean, Aegean and Ionian Seas

lion paper plate craft


A big industry in Greece for centuries, there are still many working sheep farms.

Of course, there a lot more animals in Greece including sea turtles, wolves, bears, birds and insects.  Check out our animals section for a full list of animals from around the world.

greek mythology photos 

Greek Mythology Photos

jigsaw puzzle 

Greece On-Line Jigsaw Puzzles

Poem:  Ferry Me Across the Water by Christina Rossetti - In Greek mythology, Charon is the is the ferryman who carries souls of the newly deceased across the river Styx into Hades, the realm of the dead.