DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Printable Iron On T-Shirt Transfers

Suggestions:  Although I call these T-Shirt transfers, you can transfer the images to tote bags, hats, placemats, etc.

Check the box of your iron on transfer paper for what fabrics will work with that brand -- cotton (and cotton/polyester blends) work for all of the brands.

Click here for simple directions (that even I managed to do *grin*) for sewing your own tote bag and sewing your own Halloween treat bag -- can be done with or without a sewing machine.

One viewer wrote in:  "I love your iron on templates.  I've printed these on special computer paper/puzzle sets and made sturdy felt puzzles as gifts for my grandchildren.

And another suggested:  "Your templates make good mousepads too."

iron on tshirt transfer

pumpkin tote bag

angel tote bagNote:  The iron on transfers are just images flipped around so they look like a mirror image.  If you look at the words on the page before you transfer them to a t-shirt, they all look backwards.  This is NOT a mistake, it's how the transfer must be for it to come out right on the t-shirt.

If you've never printed anything in color from DLTK's before, it wouldn't hurt to try printing one of our color images on a piece of paper first, just to see how it goes.

Also note that some new printers will automatically reverse the image  when you tell it you are printing iron-on transfers.  I guess they are just being helpful but in our case, I have already reversed the image.  You may want to print a test page on regular paper with your printer set to "iron on transfer" to be sure that the template comes out correctly.  Thanks to Bea for providing this tip.