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DLTK's Animal Crafts for Kids
Frog Crafts and Activities for Children

birthday ideas

Frog Party Ideas for Kids
Birthday Ideas

paper cone hat

Frog Coloring Pages:
Frogs Bingo Dauber Art

Frog Bingo Dauber Art

frog coloring pages

Frog Coloring Pages

frog riddles

Frog Riddles Coloring Pages

Frog Crafts for Kids:
frog bean bag craft

Frog Crafts for Kids
Frog Bean Bag

Age 9+

Must be able to use a hot glue gun or sew to make the project...  Young children love to help stuff it or receive it as a gift!

frog cross stitch

Frog Cross Stitch Pattern

Age 10+

heart frog craft

Frog Heart Paper Craft

Age 2+

iron on t shirt transfers

Frog Iron On T-Shirt Transfers

frog life cycle

Frog Life Cycle Craft

Age 3+

Young children frog craft

Frog Paper Craft

Age 2+

frog paper craft

Frog Paper Craft #2

Age 2+

frog coffee can

Froggy Bank

Age 2+

frog paper bag puppet

Frog Paper Bag Puppet

Age 2+

Frog Craft

Paper Mache Frog Craft

suitable for Ages 7+

Easy Version of the Frog Craft
suitable for Ages 3+

Use this craft for the 5 green speckled frogs game
Instructions for the Game
or just for storing treasures

frog pouch 

Frog Pouch

Age 3+

frog puppet

Frog Puppet

Age 3+

frog shapes practice craft

Frog Shapes Practice Craft

(this easy paper craft teaches shapes, fractions, scissor skills, counting and colors)

Frog craft

Frog Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Age 3+

frog craft

Frog Toilet Paper Roll Craft #2

Age 3+

Frog Games and Puzzles:
frog jigsaw puzzles

Frog Activities for Kids
On-Line Jigsaw Puzzles

Frog Poetry:
frog poetry

Frog Poetry for Kids
Our Tree-Toad

Frog Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales:
frog fairy tale

Frog Fairy Tales for Kids
The Frog Prince

Frog Songs:
frog song

Frog Songs for Kids
The Bullfrog Song

five green and speckled frogs

Frog Songs for Kids
Five Green and Speckled Frogs

Frog Worksheets:
frog mini books with activity worksheets

Frog Mini Books with Activity Worksheets

Age 4+

frog worksheets


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