DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Other Mammal Crafts and Activities for Kids

ant eater paper craft

Anteater Paper Craft

Age 2+

black panther shapes practice craft

Black Panther Shapes Practice Paper Craft

Age 2+

(practice circles and triangles)

camel craft

Camel Coloring Pages

Camel Egg Carton Craft

Camel Paper Craft

Wiseman and Camel Paper Craft

cheetah craft

Cheetah Paper Craft

Cheetah Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Cheetah Cub Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Heart Deer Paper Craft

Deer Coloring Pages

Deer Heart Paper Craft

dolphin craft

Dolphin Coloring Pages

Dolphin Paper Mache Craft

Paper Plate Echidna Craft 

Echidna Paper Plate Craft

Age 4+

ibex craft

Ibex (Wild Goat) Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Age 3+

lemur craft

Lemur Paper Craft

Lemur Toilet Paper Roll Craft

leopard craft

Leopard L Alphabuddy Paper Craft

Age 2+

sea otter craft

Otter Paper Bag Puppet

Otter Toilet Paper Roll Craft

platypus craft

Platypus Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Age 3+

porcupine craft Porcupine Paper Plate Craft

Age 3+

Ram Paper Plate Craft

Ram Paper Plate Craft

Ram Toilet Paper Roll Craft

rat craft

Rat Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Age 3+

sloth paper craft

Sloth Paper Craft

Age 2+

walrus paper plate craft 

Walrus Paper Bag Puppet

Walrus Paper Plate Craft

Walrus Shapes Practice Craft

yak craft

Yak Paper Craft


Yak Toilet Paper Roll Craft

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