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Apple Crafts
(Johnny Appleseed Crafts)

Johnny Appleseed's birthday is on Sept 26th, 1774 and he died on March 11th, 1845.  His birth name was John Chapman.

National Apple Day is on October 21st and is mainly celebrated in the United Kingdom.  It occurs near the time for the harvest of apples.

lacing craft

Apple Lacing Project

Age 2+

apple plate craft

Apple Paper Plate Craft

Age 3+

apple pencil holder

Apple Pencil Holder
Paper Mache

Age 5+

back to school crafts

Apple Pin or Magnet
Styrofoam or Cardboard

Age 5+

apple container

Apple Terra Cotta Pot Goody Container

Age 5+

This is a great gift for teachers but it's also a good "Welcome to School" gift for an older sibling to give to a younger child!

Awesome Apple

Awesome Apple Paper Craft

Age 2+

fingerprint apple craft

Fingerprint Apple Tree

Age 2+

cfoodgroups1.gif (18565 bytes)

Four Food Groups Paper Mobile

(you could just use the first template for an "apples only" version)

Age 2+

johnny appleseed craft

Johnny Appleseed Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Age 3+

Apple Scissor Skills

Scissor Skills Project

Age 2+

shrinky dink patterns

Shrinky Dink Patterns

Stained Glass Apple Craft

Stained Glass Crafts

Other Apple Ideas (suggestions from the discussion group):

Apple stamps are great.  If you cut an apple in half horizontally instead of vertically, it makes a nice stamp with a star shape in the center.  Use different sizes of apples (crab apples are really cute) and stamp on paper, fabric or picture frames.  We used this idea for the Aa simple alphabet template

Apple fridge magnet made from a frozen juice can lid.  The kids painted the lids red with acrylic paint
and then used tacky glue to attach felt (or fun foam) leaves and stem.  They glued on wiggly eyes and drew on a nose and mouth with black marker.  Then they put a magnet on the back for the fridge.

For a cute snack you can make apple mouths.  Unfortunately it uses peanut butter, but you could substitute marshmallow whip instead.  Slice two fairly thin wedges of apple.  Smear one side of each wedge with peanut butter.  Line marshmallows along one of the wedges (embedded in the peanut butter).  Put the other apple wedge on top to make a sandwich.  If you look at it face on, the skin of the apple looks like lips and the marshmallows look like teeth.