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Welcome to our countries and cultures section! When our mom put this site together originally, she decided to create one section where we would put all the countries and cultures together for people working on an “around the world” type of theme—or for people interested in helping their kids learn a bit about the country next door or on the other side of the world. Since we’ve grown over the years, we have had many suggestions from viewers on what to add and the section has really grown.

To update this section for ease of use, we have decided to split “countries” and “cultures” in a way that we hope viewers will find what they are looking for in a way that makes sense to them. At the top, we have listed the continents, and from there, you can navigate your path more precisely. However, you will also see all the countries we have added in alphabetical order! Feel free to click on whatever country’s section you desire, or continue to scroll down the page, where you will see we have added a separate subsection in this index for “cultures.”

On each of these pages, there are three fun facts, specific to each section, that we think will be helpful cues for children (or for you!) to help distinguish knowledge as learning expands. You will also find brief but thoughtful introductions, other—more well-known—facts, related animal crafts for the countries, followed by several crafts related to each country or cultural section.

If you are enjoying your reading but feel like we could add or alter our information for various educational goals, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Just to note, some of these ideas were originally created for a national holiday of that country, often suggested by a viewer, but mainly include generic crafts you can use when learning about that country or culture. Happy learning!

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australia ideas

Canadian ideas

chinese ideas







countries and cultures activities

Hungary ideas

countries and cultures activities


countries and cultures activities

Japan ideas


including Setsubun

countries and cultures activities

countries and cultures activities

new zealand ideas

nigeria crafts

Norway ideas

countries and cultures activities

countries and cultures activities

Matryoshka Dolls

countries and cultures activities


including Burns Night

countries and cultures activities


countries and cultures activities

welsh ideas



black history month

celtic art 

countries and cultures activities





General Ideas:

Travels with DLTK

Bracelet Paper Craft - (Age 3+) just change the colors in the instructions to match the colors of the country's flag

Dove Crafts and Coloring - peace on earth

Earth Day - has a number of "planet earth" options

French Language alphabet tracer pages

Unity handprint wreath - a nice idea for a "world wide" theme