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DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Animal Handprint, Fingerprint and Footprint Crafts

Fingerprint Crafts:

fingerprint fish bowlFingerprint Crafts
(Directions for making many different fingerprint characters)

Fingerprint Reindeer Craft/Gift Tag

Fingerprint Turkey Craft

Lovebug Craft

Penguin Fingerprint Craft

Thumbody Loves Us Craft

 bumblebee craft

Footprint Crafts:

Bumblebee Footprint Craft

handprint reindeerHandprint and Footprint Crafts:

Handprint and Footprint Peacock

Handprint and Footprint Reindeer

Handprint (and Footprint) Turkey


Handprint Crafts:

duck handprint craft


Spooky Spider Handprint Craft


pwl handprint craft


lamb handprint craft

Handprint Bald Eagle

Handprint Bat Craft

Handprint Bumblebee Craft

Handprint Butterfly Craft

Handprint Chick Craft

Handprint Crow Craft

Handprint Dove Craft

Handprint Dove Craft - version2

Handprint Dragonfly Craft

Handprint Duck Craft

Handprint Goose Craft

Handprint Hen Craft

Handprint Hummingbird Craft

Handprint Lamb Craft

Handprint Owl Craft

Handprint Peacock Craft

Handprint Penguin

Handprint Raven Craft

Handprint Spider Craft

Handprint Turkey (with Poem)

Handprint Turkey 2 (with poem)

Handprint Turkey 3 (with poem)

Handprint Vulture Craft


more Handprint Crafts (not just animals) >


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